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TTC | Period Tracking App – Ovia

Since really taking TTC seriously I’ve downloaded a really good app for tracking your period, fertile days and of course the day you ovulate. I really took my time to find the right app for me and this was it. It’s called Ovia.


I’ve tried a few period trackers in the past but they’ve only ever been really basic ones, a bit like a diary which I’ve always used anyway to keep an eye on my cycles. As soon as I got my first period I always wrote down when I was on, this was a trick I picked up from my older sister.


I needed an app that I could record a lot of data on. I came across Ovia when I searched my App Store for a tracker and it was one of the first ones that came up. I did my research and read some reviews and decided that this app could be the one that works for me.

There’s so much on there, it gives you little recipes, tidbits and information each day. It tells you what part of your cycle you’re in and gives you a fertility score. You can input so much data on the calendar, for example your moods, if you had your period, if you have any aches and pains in your body.


You can record your sleep pattern, Basal Body Temperature, when you did some baby dancing, your weight, whether you took an ovulation or pregnancy test, your blood pressure, your vitamin intake. There’s just so much I’d bore you to death listing all the good stuff it does.

I find it really useful and there’s even a little community on there to connect with other users, help answer their questions and ask for any help and advice from them. I’ve been using this app now for a couple of years and I’ve found it so useful, because I have my phone with me it’s easy to record any data you need to.


I’d highly recommend getting this app if you’re TTC. What apps do you use?? What has helped you??


I’d love to know your thoughts so please leave some comments below and thank you for reading.