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TTC | Period Tracking App – Ovia

Since really taking TTC seriously I’ve downloaded a really good app for tracking your period, fertile days and of course the day you ovulate. I really took my time to find the right app for me and this was it. It’s called Ovia.


I’ve tried a few period trackers in the past but they’ve only ever been really basic ones, a bit like a diary which I’ve always used anyway to keep an eye on my cycles. As soon as I got my first period I always wrote down when I was on, this was a trick I picked up from my older sister.


I needed an app that I could record a lot of data on. I came across Ovia when I searched my App Store for a tracker and it was one of the first ones that came up. I did my research and read some reviews and decided that this app could be the one that works for me.