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Book Review | When The Skies Cry By Steve N. Lee

I was very kindly asked if I’d like to receive a copy of the fantastic Steve N. Lee’s new novel *When the skies cry to review and of course, I said yes! This is the second book in this dog lovers series. I reviewed the first one As The Stars Fall on my blog, in case you missed it. I fell in love with this series and was so excited to read and review the new book.


The Blurb:

Sometimes, the one you’re saving is saving you.

Harley loses everything when his master dies — his home, his best friend, his reason for living. Day after day, he trudges the streets, trembling from the biting cold, whimpering from the gnawing hunger.

Across town, Rachel has an alimony hearing looming and a make-or-break deadline hurtling toward her. Yet, they aren’t her biggest worries — her autistic son has withdrawn so far into his private world, he barely acknowledges she even exists.

Luckily, the magic of life is in the surprises no one ever sees coming…

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40 By 40 | Task Completed – I’ve Started A YouTube Channel


Back in September of last year, I turned 37. With life feeling far too short I wrote myself a 40 Things to do before turning 40 list. Finally, I can cross one thing from my list. If you missed my original post you can read it here.



Going Vegan For Veganuary

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple of years but never really knew where or how to start. After doing some research I’ve decided that this year was the right time to give going vegan a try.


I’ve been picking up a few vegan products each week during our food shops so I have the basics in. I’ve definitely been making sure to buy lots more fruit & veg to make sure I’m having my 5 a day.



100 Day Spending Ban

Well, since we have started a new year I thought why not start it off the right way and give myself the challenge of trying out a spending ban for 100 days?! I know plenty of bloggers that have done this before and I’ve been toying with the idea for quite some time now and thought what a better way to try and save some cash to go towards holidays and days out when we can have a little normality back.



New Year Goals For 2021!!

Wow, a brand New Year that not only brings a fresh start but hopefully a little bit closer to a much better year and a splash of normality. This year I wanted to try and set myself some Blogging/Social Media Goals instead of the usual New Years Resolutions, to try and achieve in 2021! I have so many plans for my blog and know where I want to go so really excited to be getting a lot more content out there.

I also have a 40×40 list I set myself on my birthday, if you missed that post you can read it here.


Happy Birthday To Me!!

It turns out it’s my birthday today and I almost forgot about it! I’m a whole 37 years old and I can’t believe how close to 40 I am! I feel like I’ve achieved quite a lot in life so far but at the same time, there’s still so much I’d love to do and experience with the family.


Would You Let Your Son Wear Nail Polish??

***Warning, rant ahead***

I don’t usually get myself involved with many of the mum/girl groups on Facebook. I’m a member of most groups especially the ones in my area.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions and each of us parent differently, but being a mum to 3 amazing BOYS, I can’t help but go on the defensive. So the question was;

Would you let your son wear nail polish?? Even if their dad wouldn’t accept it, he’s a boy and it’s a girly thing to do?? Is the dad being sexist??