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Teaching Them All About Germs

I wanted to come on and talk to you about explaining the importance of making sure our children’s hands are clean. Even more so with everything that is going on with the whole spreading of the Coronavirus and with us all being in lockdown I’ve found that keeping Mason in the dark is much more frustrating for him especially because he understands a lot more than we give him credit for.


The school has been great at explaining the whole situation to them before they left but for Mason he needs that visual representation. He needs to see how things work, he’s always trying to learn new things and about the world, so I found this really easy experiment that you can do at home that really shows them the importance of washing their hands.

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September Already?? That Can Only Mean One Thing….

Hello September, it’s nice to see you again!! 

I can’t believe we’re here again and it’s September already. Where has the summer gone?? It feels like it’s been going on forever, yet somehow not long enough. I absolutely love that it’s time for the older boys to go back to school and I’m definitely done with ironing labels to every single piece of school clothing and items. I like to think I’m organised when it comes to getting the school stuff ready. There’s nothing more satisfying than having brand new clean uniform ready and waiting for that first day to arrive!!


It’s not that I don’t love spending time with them, because I do, but my god I’m so ready for life to go back to normal…..Whatever normal is!! I miss my daily routines and being able to get housework done without the house being trashed  10 minutes later, I miss the bedtime routines and actually getting all kids in bed and settled so I can sit and watch something or blog in peace.

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Baby Babble | Arlo Is 3 And A Half Months Old

Wow, I can’t believe Arlo is 3 and a half months old already!! Where has the time gone?? It only feels like yesterday that I was writing about my birth story and welcoming Arlo into the world. I was sat thinking about what I was going to write and I realised that I kept you all updated during my pregnancy yet haven’t written much about Arlo and how he’s been getting on now he’s here. If you do follow me on Instagram though, you’ll notice that I’m forever putting up baby spam. I have to say, watching Arlo every day is an absolute joy and I’m really enjoying being a mum so much more this time around. He’s turning into quite the character and is learning new things every day which I love seeing.

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Honest Family Life | It’s All Sunshine & Rainbows, Then There’s A Shitstorm!!

***This post contains swearing and the remains of an explosive poonami***

Monday 8th April, 18:30pm

I had been just a regular day for us, the older boys had been in school and now it was that time of the evening to start getting everyone bathed and in bed ready for school again the following morning. The dream baby was 3 weeks old, he would be turning 4 weeks on the Thursday!! Where has time gone?? He was starting to need a bit of interaction so I thought what a great time to get his new baby gym out and have a little play on it. He’d loved it the night before. So while I was running his bath I was playing the usual games with him, chatting to him and  just generally cooing over how beautiful he was and nothing would change my mind.

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Parenting | My Breastfeeding Journey So Far

Bottle or Breast?? There’s always that big debate about how you’re going to feed your new baby when they enter the world. For me I’ve always known I would try to breastfeed again. I tried it with the munchkin but could only do it for 2 weeks. Now, thinking back on that first time I tried breastfeeding I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t get to feed the munchkin straight away as I was still out of it from the general anesthetic following an emergency C-Section or if it was because he was just too hungry and I just didn’t have enough milk for him. I felt like a complete failure, so trying again was a must for me this time.

Even though I had another emergency C-Section with the dream baby I was awake and able to feed him straight away. That very first time I think we nursed for a good hour or so and it felt so good. It’s still very much a learning curve for me and I’m still trying to figure things out but we’ve made it to 5 weeks! We’ve been breastfeeding for 5 whole weeks and I’m so happy with myself.

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Welcome To The World My Little One

On Thursday 14th February our lives changed forever at 18:20pm a little boy was born weighing 7lbs 8.5ozs, Arlo Kevin Charlie Phoenix. Many of you have been following me on my pregnancy journey and I just wanted to come on here today to share with you our amazing news and introduce someone very special, I know it’s been just over a week but I needed a little time to recover and we wanted to have some family time with him. Arlo arrived safely and we’re both doing well. Our family is now complete and honestly I’m just in a little bubble of pure love and joy at the moment, I’m soaking up every second of newborn snuggles and just seeing how well the munchkin is adapting to becoming a big brother has made me so proud.

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Pregnancy | 40 Week Bumpdate


Well, well, well here we are at 40 weeks and no baby just yet! It’s been a tough couple of weeks, pregnancy has really taken its toll on me. I’m feeling much more tired and I even ache when I walk. This baby boy is literally digging in everywhere.

I’m trying to rest where I can. I get my housework done first thing. I’ve got workers doing the the exterior of the house too still which is slightly stressful but I’m trying to not let it bother me that much, when we’ve had bad weather they haven’t been here.