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Sample Sunday | Butterwhips Perfectly Pure Apricot Body Butter

This week from my never-ending Sample box I chose to use this Butterwhips Perfectly Pure Apricot Butter.


I have to admit that I still have a little bit of this left after using it all week. If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you will know I love this brand and its products.


Arlo’s Bedtime Routine

Anybody that knows me, knows that when I had mason I didn’t really have a bedtime routine as he wasn’t the best sleeper. In fact he barely slept and is still the same now. He can live off next to no sleep, and still doesn’t have a set bedtime. So when I fell pregnant with Arlo, I was determined to establish a really nice bedtime routine for him. After turning 6 months I noticed he wasn’t settling for bedtime, we always had a great bedtime routine and he was slowly knocking himself out of it. Each week his sleeping patterns changed and I’m not sure if it’s from developmental leaps and teething but we were both just so tired.


So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to change our whole bedtime routine and the things we did and I can honestly say it’s definitely helped and has been working for us both. He doesn’t sleep right through but even though he’s teething he still only wakes up twice at the most during the night and I can handle that. So I thought I’d share our bedtime routine with you today, because you never know some of it may work for you too.

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Review | Butterwhips Planted Feet Balm // AD

~*This post contains gifted products*~

I first heard of *Butterwhips when I received a travel size pot of their warmly relaxing body butter in one of my monthly beauty subscription boxes and after using it, I just absolutely fell in love with and I have since bought a few of their other products including ones for the baby and they are just lovely and have really subtle scents to them. I love that they are palm oil free too. I was over the moon when I was sent the Planted Feet Balm to try.


Who are Butterwhips??

As a family they suffer with dry sensitive skin, eczema and dermatitis and since 2011 Victoria has been looking for alternatives to the usual creams and lotions either store bought or provided on prescription. Those ointments tended to be very greasy and didn’t smell great!
She wanted to create a relief to skin ailments that could be made from 100% natural ingredients and smelt good too, starting with a course in aromatherapy to better understand the effects of certain essential oils on the skin and the senses.
She needed to make sure she chose a base that was gently moisturising as well as smelling fab and with the help of a laboratory near the heart of England, she was able to adjust their first product, developed for their own use at home, to a formulation that met her family’s needs AND the most stringent regulatory requirements, continuing to meet her company’s core principles:
100% Natural
Kind to skin
Cruelty Free
No fillers
Butterwhips are made with only 100% natural plant extracts, no water, fillers or synthetic additives, any long names you see on their labels are either the Latin names of the plants or compounds that occur naturally in their extracts. The best part of their ingredients list is the fact that Love is the last named ingredient because that’s exactly what is put into each and every jar of these fantastic products.