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Are you looking for a sustainable place to shop with everything you’ll need all in one place?? Head on over to *Veo as they have a range of products from Health, Beauty, Food, Home and even Fashion. Veo is a sustainable marketplace that showcases some amazing and unique products from over 150 independent brands. I guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love.

*Tabitha Eve Plastic Free Scrunchie | £5.95

*Flawless Vegan Beauty Hydrating Toner | £5.95

I absolutely love this brand, I have a couple of their makeup brushes and have tried a few of their other products too. The rose toner has been carefully formulated to leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh and boy does it! Made from organic rose which contains vitamin C to help stimulate collagen and vitamin E that helps reduce cell damage. Anti-inflammatory properties in the lavender will soothe and heal sensitive skin while the witch hazel tightens your pores.


Wow, I’m in love with this toner. Leaving my face feeling so clean and fresh and removed any traces of makeup and dirt that may have been missed after cleansing. The toner comes in either a 100ml size glass bottle or a 200ml size glass bottle with an aluminium lid which make it reusable and 100% recyclable. It’s really easy to use and a little goes a long way. This is something I’ll definitely be buying again!!


*Flawless Vegan Beauty Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | £5.95

These reusable face pads are perfect to use with your micellar water, cleanser, toner or simply with warm water. Cleanse the day away whilst being eco friendly. Soft to the touch, durable and kind to your skin, these reusable pads are the perfect addition to your everyday beauty routine. Made from 100% organic cotton.


I use these with the rose toner as they are just a match made in heaven and beat using single-use cotton wool rounds. To look after them, they just need rinsing with warm water after each use just to get rid of any dirt or makeup residue. Pop them into your machine at 30°C and it’s really that easy. Just make sure you let them air dry between uses.

*AvaCare Vitamin D3 & K2 Adult Tropical Orange Flavoured Spray | £10.99

Avacare has carefully created this formula for their own families to use as well as our own. With Vitamin D3 and K2 from Mena Q7, which is the only scientifically researched K2 available. Vegan Society certified, this health supplement supports a healthy immune system. MenaQ7 provides Vitamin K2, helping to maintain normal bone health and contributing to normal blood Coagulation.

A tasty Tropical Orange flavour in a spray bottle so it’s really easy to use. I love taking Vitamin supplements but I’ll be honest, if they’re tablets then I usually forget. Since this is a spray you can take it anywhere and it’s really easy to use. One spray is all you need and it’s also suitable for ages 13 years and up.

*Haoma Handmade Soap Tea Tree & Orange | £8

*Buff Natural Body Care Sea Salt Body Scrub | £12.50

I’ve used a few products from this wonderful brand before and I just loved this body scrub. Not only does it buff away dead skin, but it also leaves your skin feeling moisturised and silky smooth. You can even use it as a bath soak. I love products that multitask. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients in small batches to keep products fresh.

You only need to take a small amount of the scrub & rub gently into damp skin in circular movements, avoiding the face. Rub into dry skin for tougher areas of dry skin such as feet & knees. Shower/bathe away OR add to a running bath & take 20 minutes to luxuriously soak the skin, taking time to breathe deeply, relaxing your body & mind, whilst enjoying the beautiful oil aromas.


*Clean U Natural Lip & Cheek Balm | £8

I received this in a previous The Natural Beauty Box and loved it so was really happy to see that Veo stock this. Another really great little multitasker and one that I used during the colder months. It’s so easy to use and I apply this when I’ve been out in the really wet and cold weather just to keep my cheeks feeling moisturised. Made with Sunflower and Sesame it has a really gentle subtle scent. This lovely product can also be used on your cuticles to help keep your nails healthy and strong. It has a really soft creamy texture and a little really does go a long way.


I highly recommend you check out Veo as there are so many fab products on there, I’m putting together a wishlist as I’ve seen so many lush looking products that I’m dying to buy. It’s certainly a website I’ll be buying from again and keeping bookmarked.


Have you tried any of these products before?? Have you seen all the great products on Veo??


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