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Review | Green and Happy Shop UnPaper Towels

I’ve been slowly swapping my household products over, to more eco-friendly ones. I shared my Washing Up Starter kit with you last month, if you missed that post you can catch it here.


I was recently asked if I’d like to try some products from Green & Happy Shop and with products ranging from unpaper towels to zero waste period products living a greener life just got easier!!

Who are Green and Happy Shop??

Founded by the lovely Valinda from Green and Happy Mom in 2017, Green and Happy Shop is focused on delivering sustainable alternatives for us modern mums and those looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. After noticing that reusable options weren’t widely available in the Netherlands, she decided to take matters into her own hands.


Green and Happy Shop is the result of Valinda’s hard work, creativity and drive to change the world. The products are all handmade and designed to cut down on waste, they provide us with easy to use swaps.


Not only will they brighten up your home but you’re supporting a small business too! You know I love a good small business!!

Green and Happy Shop really does have it all, from reusable baby wipes, cotton rounds to fabric wrapping paper. One thing I do love about the selection of products is the gorgeous pattern choices.


There are so many designs to choose from and I guarantee you’ll find a print that you love. If you like fun prints like butterflies or you prefer more contemporary styles like geometric prints, there’s something for you.


As you know I’m a lover of all things green and thought the Monstera Plant print would look amazing in my kitchen. And sure enough, I was right. How gorgeous is that print??

Did you know that each year 254 million tons of kitchen roll is thrown out??

Nope neither did I, quite shocking really isn’t it?? They are classed as contaminated waste, and can’t be recycled. Because of this they just go straight to the landfill. They may not have a big carbon footprint but they do still contribute to deforestation.


I know a single piece of kitchen roll doesn’t seem like much, but when you use them daily they soon stack up pretty fast. Why not make the switch to a more sustainable option that will last you a lifetime??


Making the switch can be really easy and affordable especially when you work out or think about how much you would spend over the year on disposable products.


Having products like this reusable kitchen roll works out so much cheaper

You don’t need to keep buying them. You would only need a couple of sets to make a full roll and they’re so easy to wash too. Just pop the dirty ones into your washing machine and you’re good to go.  You will always have clean ones at the ready.


The cotton squares are not only durable but are soft and a lot more absorbent than the regular disposable ones. It’s a game-changer, and I can’t believe I didn’t have them sooner. There’s no throwing them in the bin when you’ve used them so that’s another product you’re preventing going to landfill. And it’s little changes like these that will make a big impact on our Earth.


You can choose the “naked” option without the poppers and just use them as separate sheets. If like me you prefer the traditional way and like them on a holder then you can buy the starter insert that will fit most kitchen roll holders, having this means you can wrap your unpaper towels up much easier.


I prefer having my unpaper towels on a kitchen roll holder as they are easy to grab and use when you want them. I try not to let them sit for too long as I don’t want to stain them so I try and get them in the wash as soon as I can. I’ll be buying some of these as gifts that’s for sure, especially to family members I know that are moving house. They wash really nicely as well.


I also chose a dishwashing soap, some cotton face rounds and even got a lovely little extra surprise of some smaller unpaper towels which will go nicely with the ones I already have and use for cleaning around the house. I’m absolutely in love with these and highly recommend them.


Have you tried anything like this?? Will you be swapping to more sustainable choices??


This post contains gifted items from Green and Happy Shop. I’ve marked them with an *

The company have provided the products for review and haven’t had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.  

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