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Pregnancy | 40 Week Bumpdate


Well, well, well here we are at 40 weeks and no baby just yet! It’s been a tough couple of weeks, pregnancy has really taken its toll on me. I’m feeling much more tired and I even ache when I walk. This baby boy is literally digging in everywhere.

I’m trying to rest where I can. I get my housework done first thing. I’ve got workers doing the the exterior of the house too still which is slightly stressful but I’m trying to not let it bother me that much, when we’ve had bad weather they haven’t been here.

How Far Along? 40 weeks


Maternity Clothes: No new clothes, in fact I’ve stayed in the same outfits for the past couple of weeks and tried to avoid going out as much as possible. I’ve been trying to go out and buy myself some new maternity and nursing bras but I just can’t seem to find ones that will not only fit now but will fit when little one arrives so I’m going to hold off until I’ve had him, put up with what I’ve got then buy a couple more that will be soft and comfy.


Sleep: Sleep has been OK, I’ve been getting to sleep within a matter of minutes although the OH did mention that my snoring has increased too! I blame the extra baby weight and being in a deep sleep!! I did have a few nights where I’ve taken to sleeping on the sofa because he says I’ve been that bad.


Miss Anything? I just miss feeling like my old self, I’ve had lots of people say I look really well but no matter how much makeup i try to wear to cover up the bags and the tired eyes I still feel like a baby whale.


Movement: Movements aren’t crazy he seems to have slowed just slightly, he’s still moving around and trying to get himself comfortable but at more settled times whereas before it was anytime. When I’m chilling in the bath or on the sofa he’s much more active!


Food Cravings: No cravings, just eating the whole house everyday even when I feel full. PIG comes to mind.


Gender: Still a boy!

Labour Signs: Nope although lots of Braxton Hicks, lots of lower back pain and feeling so heavy.


Symptoms: I haven’t had many symptoms apart from lots of Braxton hicks, these seem to get worse in the evenings, if I’ve walked around a lot, or if I’ve done lots around the house. I wish they’d turn into real labor but sadly, nothing yet.


Belly Button In or Out? Belly button out! I don’t think it can pop out anymore than it has! No matter what I wear you can see it!


Mood: I’m feeling pretty grumpy at the moment, I am just really ready to meet the baby now and get this labour started! As you can see I can’t even muster up any smiles anymore I’m just a little fed up!


Best Moment This Week: Going to see my fave band Collabro last night and not going into labour out of excitement!! And finally agreeing on a couple of names for this little boy!


Looking Forward To: It’s my due date and I don’t see little man coming any time soon so I’m going to have a pamper! I’m also off to see the midwife later for a sweep, maybe that will help baby come along naturally.


When do you think little man is going to make his appearance?


Lots of Love


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He’s being stubborn I think! Lol!! I always knew I’d go over but the question is how far over will I go?? Can’t wait to actually meet him now and have him here. xx

Oh wow that’s gone so fast, I can’t believe it’s your due date already! My Husband said the snoring was awful towards the end of the pregnancy but I didn’t care much cos it was sleep! Also good luck with the sweep, I hope it helps bring your little one out soon enough. Have you tried Raspberry leaf tea? I started drinking that when I was overdue, I don’t think it helped induce the labour but it did help with soothing the contractions before I went into hospital. ?But in the meantime I hope you get to enjoy your pampering before he comes! ?

Thank you, Lots of people think it’s gone fast but i think it’s gone by really slowly, and I think it’s because of the overlap in the years. Well, at the moment I’m still here and there’s no signs of him coming as yet but here’s hoping. I’ve been drinking raspberry Leaf Tea for a while it’s great. I’ll be doing as much pampering as I can to help relax me to prepare for his arrival. I’m so ready for him to make an appearance now, fingers crossed he comes this week xx

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