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Pregnancy | 32 Week Bumpdate

Wow, 32 weeks!! I’m officially on my 8 week countdown until my due date. I’m starting to get really excited but at the same time nervous about having a newborn again.

I’m also really pleased that you’re enjoying my little Bumpdates and following my journey. So what’s been going on this week?? 

How far along?? 32 Weeks. 




Maternity Clothes?? I’ve given up on the maternity clothes altogether now as i only have 8 weeks to go so I’m just living in my baggy jumpers, jumper dresses, leggings and jeggings. 
Sleep: Really not sleeping the best getting too uncomfortable I get sore when I sleep on my sides I get back, neck and shoulder ache sitting propped up, but surviving on what sleep I do get. 
Miss Anything?? Lately it’s been red wine, I’d kill for a red wine or baileys. 
Movement: Still not worked out his pattern but the bigger I get the more I have to monitor his movements so been wearing a little kick counter bracelet from my Dear Bump subscription box. You can really see my tummy moving now and feel a heel or his bum sticking out.   
Gender: Most definitely a boy.
Cravings: No cravings at all!!
Labour Signs: Feel like I’ve had a few Braxton Hicks but nope nothing else!!
Symptoms: Lots of lower back pain and pain around my pelvis which is from the growing still. Been getting cramp in my legs aswell and aching neck and shoulders. I’m feeling very heavy and feel like he’s dropping a little. I have been getting odd pains in my tummy too which are from the skin stretching and my C-Section scar is starting to itch like mad. Heartburn, my god the heartburn!! 
Belly Button In or Out?? It’s completely popped out now. 
Mood: Tired, agitated but trying to not let things bother me. I can cope with the lack of sleep but my hormones are still all over the place, I’m grumpy and emotional. Still don’t feel prepared for anything but at the same time trying not to do too much.  
Best Moment This Week: Getting the living room decorated in time for Christmas, we still need to wait on our new fire to be delivered in the new year but yay! Only our bedroom to do now and that can wait!   

Looking Forward To: Getting my Christmas decorations up and sorting out baby’s clothes, pram and bedding so that it’s all nice and clean and ready for when he arrives.

I don’t have to go for anymore growth scans they’re happy he’s the size he is, could just be another long boy and they’ve guestimated his weight at 4lb already so we may just have a big boy on our hands. I do have to monitor his movements though and if they are reduced I have to call the midwife straight away.    


I hope you all have a fab weekend and can’t wait to hear what your all up to this week.



Lots of Love



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