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Pregnancy | 30 Week Bumpdate

Hello Third Trimester!! Wow, 30 weeks!! I’m officially only 10 weeks away from my due date! It’s starting to fly by now. 
I’m also really pleased that you’re enjoying my little Bumpdates and following my journey and I’ve really enjoyed recording it this way. So what’s been going on this week?? Let’s jump right into it!

How far along?? 30 Weeks. 


Maternity Clothes?? I’ve given up on the maternity jeans but still in need and looking for a good maternity coat! I seem to live in jumpers and jumper dresses now. 


Sleep: Still not sleeping well, I had a week or so where I’ve been able to have a good few hours in bed but I’m back on the sofa again and back to not sleeping as much. 
Miss Anything?? Just the same old sleep.
Movement: Feeling him all the more now which is great and you can see my belly moving now when he does, still trying to figure out his pattern but he doesn’t seem to have one.    
Gender: Most definitely a boy.
Cravings: No cravings at all!!
Labour Signs: Nope!!
Symptoms: Lots of lower back pain and pain around my pelvis which is from the growing, I think. I’m feeling very heavy and achy too. I have been getting odd pains in my tummy too which are from the skin stretching and my C-Section scar is starting to itch like mad. Heartburn, my god the heartburn!! 
Belly Button In or Out?? It’s completely popped out now. 
Mood: Tired, agitated but trying to not let things bother me. I can cope with the lack of sleep but my hormones are still all over the place and I can’t wait to start to feel normal again.  
Best Moment This Week: Finally starting to get things organised and seeing light at the end of the tunnel with all the decorating going on and getting the house back into some kind of calm order!  

Looking Forward To: Seeing the baby again, I’ve got another growth scan lined up so waiting to see what they say and hopefully everyone will be happy that even though I’m big, baby is going to be fine. 


I’m finally on my iron tablets so will be taking those over the next 4 weeks to see if that makes a difference, I’ll have a blood test in 4 weeks time. Fingers crossed it’s all fine and I won’t need to keep taking them.   
I hope you all have a fab weekend and can’t wait to hear what your all up to this week.



Lots of Love





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