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Green Beauty Box Swap With Wio Beauty

  I recently took part in my first Green Beauty Box Swap, I had a really enjoyable experience.


The green beauty box swap was organised by the lovely Ria from NatuRia Beauty over on Instagram. You need to head over and check her out and give her a follow.

I was partnered up with the lovely Wioletta from Wio_Beauty on Instagram. It was lovely getting to know each other via DM, talking about family and what we like.


We agreed on a budget for our boxes, we set our budget to £30. I had so much fun getting my package together and a lot of thought went into each and every product so I really hope Wioletta enjoys her package. We didn’t set a specific time frame so we just sent them out as soon as we had sorted them.

I received my package a couple of weeks ago but wanted to wait until I knew mine had arrived before sharing this with you.


Thank you so much for all the products, I can’t wait to try them all. They look lovely, you chose really well. These are also products I wouldn’t choose for myself. It’s all about the personal touches too.

I received a really lovely Dr Hauschka Trial Set for Combination skin. I’ve not tried this range before. There’s a Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner and a Melissa Day Cream. You know I do love a good sample so can’t wait to give these a go. The sizes are pretty good too so I know I’ll get more than one use out of them.


There was also a couple of ESPA samples.

I’ve never tried this brand before if I’m honest. There’s a tea infusion, Men’s moisturiser and a bath and body oil. Really looking forward to trying them out. I do love a good sample.

Last but not least, there was a lovely looking gift set inside.

I’ve not used any Rituals products before so quite looking forward to having a really good try of these. This small gift set is The Ritual of Mehr. I love that this little set has a mix of everything.


Infused with Sweet Orange and Cedarwood it’s definitely a scent that I really like. This gift set contains a foaming shower gel, room spray, body cream and shampoo. Using the Ritual of Mehr products will energise your body, mind and soul.


Thank you so much Ria for organising this and I really can’t wait to take part in another Green Beauty Box swap. Thank you to Wioletta for choosing some lovely products and I hope you enjoy yours. I really hope we can stay in touch and chat more.


Have you ever taken part in a beauty box swap?? What were your thoughts?? Have you tried any of these products before??

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