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Parenting | Baby Number 2 – Things I Plan On Doing Differently This Time

When I was pregnant with Mason I had no idea what to expect, I was never really around babies growing up and I most certainly never had those mothers instinct. I’ll be honest, I never wanted children. So when I found out late on in my first pregnancy that I was, in fact, pregnant I had one of those panicky feelings that never really disappeared throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. How would I know what to do?? What if I didn’t bond with the baby?? What if I didn’t even want him when he was here?? Could I cope with a newborn?? So many questions I kept asking myself. What if I never had those motherly instincts kick in?? I seriously doubted myself quite a lot. But I have to admit, as soon as Mason arrived (even though it was traumatic and I get anxious thinking about going through it all again) those instincts kicked in and I went from being the most un-maternal person to someone that is very much so a maternal woman. I think I surprised a lot of people, myself included.