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Book Review | Kiki’s Heart by Ana Alea Askerc

I love to read, since having the boys I don’t have much time to read. I always make sure that I spend half an hour each evening reading before bed with Arlo. You can see him starting to take an interest in the books and the stories which I love.


Most nights Mason will join us too and enjoys some of the stories, he also likes to read to his baby brother which is so cute. I was absolutely delighted when I was asked if I’d like to receive a copy of *Kiki the Rescue Dog and the Secret Plan by Ana Alea Askerc to review, it was illustrated by Veronica Burger.

Kiki’s Heart is a book about rescue animals that live in Kiki Land. It is great for children aged 3 – 7 years. The book includes 12 fun activities included within the book.

Kiki the Rescue Dog and the Secret Plan is the first book in the Kiki series and includes a message about the importance of the “adopt don’t shop” movement.


The Blurb

Have you heard of the land of Kiki’s, the land of kindness, joy and fun? Kiki’s want to share their secret plan. How to spread loving love to everyone. You’ll meet Kiki the dog, the goodest, good boy. He’ll tell you the reasons why he is no toy. He wishes all dogs rescued, adopted. Their hearts to glow red, feel happy and wanted.

About The Author

Ana Alea is a writer and creator of the Kiki’s Heart world. She has always been a big animal lover, which led her to live a cruelty-free lifestyle, being a passionate supporter of the “adopt don’t shop” movement and a supporter of ethical and sustainable lifestyle practices.

Kiki the Dog was inspired by her beloved rescue doggy Ajka (Ayka), a fun, loving and kind fluffy little thing with a perfectly imperfect white, grey and black fur, with hints of brown (sound familiar?:) ).

Ana Alea’s love for design, creativity, rhymes, and, of course, animals, turned into the beautiful world of Kiki’s Heart. A world that shares the message of kindness and compassion towards all living beings in a cute and fun way.

The Review

We have fallen completely in love with this book. The book itself is just so bright and beautiful. I absolutely love the activities that are featured throughout the book too. The illustrations are so lovely. You get to meet a lot of different Kiki animals throughout the book, but I love the message behind it. I’ve been trying to teach the boys about why it’s better to adopt a dog/animal instead of buying from a breeder.


Arlo is still a bit too young to understand but he loves reading the book with me. Mason, on the other hand, does understand and he has a little more knowledge now about adopting and why it’s better. We recently signed ourselves up to a rescue website in the hopes we will be matched with a dog in need of a good home.


Both boys have had a go at some of the activities within the book, which I think is such a great idea as it keeps them engaged a little longer than they usually would be. Arlo really seems to enjoy the rhymes as we follow the story. If you have younger children then I highly recommend this book. You can get your hands on a copy of this over on Amazon.


Have you read this book?? What did your little ones think??



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