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40 By 40 | Task Completed – I’ve Started A YouTube Channel


Back in September of last year, I turned 37. With life feeling far too short I wrote myself a 40 Things to do before turning 40 list. Finally, I can cross one thing from my list. If you missed my original post you can read it here.


Setting myself a 3-year goal to complete all 40 tasks, I have found things quite limiting so far with the whole lockdown situations and COVID pandemic. Here’s hoping I can start enjoying things and doing more over the coming months/years.


Taking myself right out of my comfort zone I jumped straight into making myself a YouTube Channel, this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for such a long time and finally did it.


I’ve been having fun making videos and definitely learning new things each day. My editing skills have improved with each video. I’m becoming much more comfortable in front of the camera so not I’m not having to edit half as much as I used to which helps.

If you haven’t already I’d love for you to check out my YouTube channel – Musings of the Phoenix


There are a few videos up on my channel all ready for you to watch and enjoy. If you have any requests please leave a comment for me and I can get a video done for you.


If you do enjoy my channel, then please don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit the little bell so you’re notified when I upload a new video.

What’s left on my list:

1. Get Arlo & Mason’s scrapbooks up to date

2. Go on a once in a lifetime holiday

3. Learn a new recipe each week

4. Take the family on an Alpaca experience

5. Make a travel journal

6. Go to Farmegeddon at Halloween

7. Read all the books I have in my to-read pile

8. Go to the moonlight flicks

9. Do 40 random acts of kindness

10. Do a Santa dash

11. Visit a castle or 2

12. Attend a big sporting event

13. Meet a celebrity

14. See a play at the open-air theatre

15. Take the kids to a pantomime

16. Teach the boys a new skill/Make lots of new memories with them

17. Go to see one of my favourite bands live

18. Volunteer

19. Go on a Spa weekend

20. Go to a comedy club

21. Take the kids caving

22. Go for Afternoon tea

23. Go for a hike in North Wales

24. Get a new piercing or tattoo

25. Go see a musical on the west end

26. Register as an organ donor

27. Get the garden ready for summer

28. Go to a pub quiz

29. Do Go Ape or Zip World

30. Go on the Harry Potter studio tour in London

31. Visit all the landmarks in London and get pics at each one

32. Raise some cash for a charity

33. Go on the chippy train with the family

34. Go away for the weekend with Daz somewhere abroad

35. Lose the baby weight and get fit

36. Do the Coronation Street tour

37. Get engaged or pregnant

38. Have a successful Blog

39. Start my own business

40. Start my own YouTube channel


Do you have a bucket list?? How many things have you completed??

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