The Secret To Getting Amazing Looking Feet

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With Summer in full swing now I just wanted to share a post with you on how I keep my feet in tip top shape as well as making sure that they’re looking amazing for when you go away on your holidays. Unfortunately, we won’t be going anywhere on holiday this year but I’ll still be making sure my feet are ready for when the sun’s out and I can wear my sandals. I suffer with really bad dry and cracked feet so I’m always looking for ways to keep them feeling soft and looking healthy. I think this is the one part of the body that we tend to easily forget about and neglect but when you’ve been on your feet all day a really nice pamper session will not only leave you feeling really relaxed but your feet will feel amazing. I try and give my feet some love at least once a week, sometimes twice. I’d absolutely love to be able to do this every day but when I’m short on time I make sure I use a really nice foot scrub in the shower.

Let The Pamper Begin!

I always start my pamper by adding some nice warm water into my HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa, then I pop in about 2-3 Tablespoons of the Tropic Skincare Ocean Fizz Foot Soak, I turn on the bubbles and let the foot spa get to work at giving my feet a lovely little massage. It’s so relaxing and is the BEST treat for tired and overworked feet. I’ll let them have a really good soak for about 20-30 mins.


Then I like to use my lovely Tropic Skincare Polishing Foot Pebble to smooth out the rough skin on certain areas of my feet. I absolutely love using this as not only does it smell lovely but it’s also really great and safe to use on a daily basis. I try and use it every other day but mostly when I give my feet a good pamper so at least once-twice a week.


After using my Polishing Foot Pebble I then dry my feet off and give myself a little pedicure making sure I trim my nails and push back the cuticles. Once I’ve done that I decide whether I want to paint my nails or not, if I paint them I’ll usually choose the colour I want then wait until the morning so that the polish has a chance to dry. I will apply one of my 2 favourite foot moisturisers. I really love the Tropic Skincare Repairing Foot Remedy as it works well with the other Tropic products but I’m also absolutely loving the *Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm (I’m going to have a full review of this up on the blog over the next couple weeks).


I absolutely love using them both because they not only smell amazing but they’re great at keeping my feet moisturised. I love to massage the Botanicals foot rescue balm into my feet every night….well, most nights, I do tend to forget some times and end up with sore feet again but I am trying to make sure I keep on top of my foot care routine and would love to try and aim at doing 3 pampers a week.


Then the last thing I do is pop on my 100% organic cotton or bamboo moisturising socks and leave them on all night until the following morning. I love how my feet feel after a good pamper, I will usually moisturise my feet the morning after too just to keep them feeling soft and smooth. You’re now ready to to show off your pretty feet in a pair of sandals. If you would also like me to review the Tropic foot set please let me know in the comments below of via social media or email.


Do you have a foot care routine?? What are your favourite products to use??



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