Sample Sunday | Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub

This week out of the sample box I chose to use this Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub, I’ve been dying to try it for absolutely ages as I’ve tried a couple of Odylique samples before and have really loved them.


Who Is Odylique??

They are a brand that is passionate about the power and efficiency of genuine natural skin care, particularly for sensitive skin. Odylique was founded by Margaret who began making skin care from natural ingredients for over 30 years. ‘Conventional’ cosmetics didn’t suit her allergy-prone skin and she was desperate to find a remedy for her family’s eczema problems. She felt there must be a healthier, more effective way to make skin care than using petroleum and artificial additives. So, armed with qualifications in herbal medicine and aromatherapy, and a passion for the genius of nature, she set about creating truly effective formulations, based only on organic herbs, plant oils and natural active ingredients that were compatible with the most sensitive skin.


The result was Essential Care (renamed Odylique – which means ‘power of nature’) that she launched as a company with her daughter Abi and husband Colin in 2003. They are still a family-owned company run by Abi & Margaret and they are supported by a wondeful team. Odylique, formulated by Margaret, is hand-made in our Suffolk workshop – not outsourced to a factory. This is quite unusual in skin care manufacturing and it ensures you the highest level of product quality and freshness.


Their philosophy is simple: All ingredients must have therapeutic value, and the product must be a joy to use. This means they use actives – herbs and essential oils – in therapeutic concentrations for optimum benefit. Plant oils must be virgin and cold-pressed so that they have their full antioxidant vitamin-content intact, so as to actively nourish the skin and protect it from premature ageing. Odylique products are free from synthetic chemicals and are all certified to strict Soil Association organic standards. We were one of the first companies to create certified organic cosmetics and follow the precautionary principle to formulate the purest cosmetics possible.


Their 30-year focus on sensitive skin means that they also have a unique position on potential allergens. They avoid all synthetic chemical irritants and possible allergens like artificial fragrance. In addition, They exclude lanolin, wheat, dairy and soya derivatives, salicylic acid, peanut oil, common allergen tree nut oils, and more.

First Impressions: 

I’ll be honest I really didn’t know what to expect with this little tub. It smells absolutely amazing though, I do love that coconut scent though always reminds me of being on holiday. I love the packaging, I’m a sucker for simple packaging designs and even the full sized tub looks really nice and simple yet eye catching at the same time.


They currently have 3 Body Scrubs on offer;

They have the Coconut Candy Scrub on it’s own, they also have a Honey & Oat Cleansing bar and the Coconut Candy Scrub also come in a foot set with a Calendula balm (I’m dying to try this little set out too). The full sized tub of the Coconut Candy Scrub comes in a 175g tub which is a great size and it retails at £25 which isn’t a bad price really.

The Review: 

I actually really liked using this body scrub, I’m a sucker for a good body scrub and I’ve used so many over the past few years but I haven’t really found my favourite that I will just keep going back too yet. The texture was really nice, it didn’t feel harsh and it was really easy to use. My skin felt really smooth after using it once. I made sure it lasted me a couple of showers. You really don’t need to use a lot of this at all. It smells delicious so is really lovely to use. However the bath will need a rinse afterwards but it’s not a massive problem.


I mainly used it on my knees, elbows and if I have an extra pair of helping hands then my back too, mainly where I get really dry skin. This summer I’ve not felt ashamed getting my legs and arms out as they look and feel really nice, compared to previous years. Packed full of goodness like; Fairtrade sugar that helps to smooth and renew skin because it’s rich in glycolic acid, organic virgin coconut oil helps to nourish, (anything high in good quality coconut oil is going to benefit us right??). There is also organic cocoa bean butter to hydrate and poppy seeds to exfoliate the skin. You won’t find any harsh and bad for the environment microbeads in this gorgeous scrub!


Once my skin was dry I can confirm that it did feel smoother and more hydrated, I didn’t really feel the need to moisturise either which is great if you’re a mum like me or have a busy lifestyle. The fact that it’s all natural just shows how much your skin will actually benefit from it. I will definitely be repurchasing this especially because it can also be used on your feet.


Have you tried this before?? What did you think??