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While I was pregnant with Arlo I researched so much into a lot of things because I didn’t want to have a repeat of my whole traumatic experience I had with Mason, I was just a point from being diagnosed with post natal depression, the whole labour and birth and our first week was just awful and to top it off I felt like a complete failure as a mum because I just couldn’t breastfeed. I was determined to do things differently and so I researched the benefits of skin to skin contact with baby and came across something called Kangaroo Care which has a whole range of benefits (I’ve got another post coming up soon, talking about all these benefits) and knew straight away this was what I wanted to do. So this took me on the whole wrap sling journey…..I’ve never seen so many different types or colours and there was so many brands to choose from too. I think I’d read so many reviews that I was still unsure what to go with.


For me, the wrap had to be comfortable, easy to wear, eco-friendly and all round long wearing because I didn’t want to be buying a new one every couple of months as my gorgeous baby grew. Then I came across Joy & Joe, after reading how the brand came about and what they were about I instantly knew this was the brand for me. So off I went to read reviews to decide which wrap was going to be for me and I didn’t find one bad review on the brand. I chose to go for the Organic Cotton Sling Wrap in black and I’m so glad I did.

Who is Joy & Joe?? 

Joy and Joe baby wrap carrier was founded by husband and wife team, Mayor and Bisi, dedicated parents to two special children, Joy and Joseph. In 2007, when Joy was born with Downs syndrome and some medical complications, she spent some time in the neonatal intensive care (NICU) receiving treatment. During this period, Bisi observed how much motherly touch and cuddles go a long way to help children recuperate and that was where the first inspiration for Joy and Joe baby carriers came from. At the time, the 24/7 medical care Joy needed didn’t allow Bisi the chance to develop on the inspiration  immediately. It wasn’t until the year 2009, when her second child, Joseph, was born prematurely that she was fully convinced that she had to do something about her inspiration as life kept leading her back to the neonatal units and kangaroo care!


After six months in the neonatal intensive care unit, Joseph was now physically ready for the cuddles. The nurses then enlightened Bisi on kangaroo care and how it could help Joseph’s colic and temperature regulation, amidst other advantages. This fascinated her so much so that when not breastfeeding Joseph, she was in the hospital library reading literature on kangaroo care and baby wearing. Moreso, Joseph’s birth took Bisi back to her roots mentally because in Africa, baby wearing is more predominant and all the women in Bisi’s family are experienced in baby wearing, especially with the back torso carries.
Around August, 2011 Bisi’s baby was finally born into the family and it was named Joy and Joe baby wrap carrier!

Joy & Joe Organic Cotton Sling Wrap Review

I can’t really say I’m very experienced in the baby wearing department but i found this sling wrap really easy to use for a complete newbie. It was packed really well and the wrap came in a little bag with a matching hat for the baby and some really easy to use colour intructions. I chose the 100% Organic Cotton wrap in black because I wasn’t really sure which colour to buy as I didn’t have a clue what we were having when I ordered it so stuck with a neutral shade. I checked out a few YouTube videos and started practicing with a doll until I got it right. It’s really lightweight and stretchy, when I first tried it out with the baby he was about 5-6 weeks old because being a first time sling mum I was really worried that he might be too small, I didn’t tie it tight enough or it wouldn’t feel very safe.

I was however VERY, VERY wrong. I started putting Arlo in it just around the house so we could both get used to it before we braved being outside with it. I have to say he was really snug and comfortable in it and fell asleep a couple of times and it really helped with freeing up my arms so I could do a bit of housework. We started using it to do the school run and I can’t believe how much easier it is instead of pushing round a buggy all the time. I absolutely love mine and look forward to using it, I’ve not mastered breastfeeding in it yet and end up getting myself into a bit of a state but will get there. Arlo is still well within the weight limit at the moment but I know it won’t be long before we have to look for a new one and I’m pretty excited. It’s so comfortable to wear and easy to use, it washes really nicely too. I did find if I walked quite far I did have to re-tighten it slightly but I think that’s just the nature of the material. Thankfully I haven’t had to do it that much. The great thing is that now Arlo is that bit older he really enjoys being in the sling because he can see so much more of the world around him instead of being restricted when he’s in the buggy.


I highly recommend using a wrap sling, and they really help when you have a clingy baby on your hands but need to get things done. I just wish I’d known about them when I had Mason because I definitely would have popped him into it as he was a very extremely clingy baby. I can easily walk the dog too whilst wearing the baby. The only time we did both find it a little uncomfortable is when we had those really hot days a few weeks back, I tried it once and he just couldn’t stand the heat of being close to me, he even took from a bottle most days because I think the thought of feeding and being so close to me when it was so hot just freaked him out a little even though he wanted to be close. They’re really good value for money and you can find them on Amazon too for a great price. I found these to be the most reasonably priced for the wrap slings as well. I can’t believe just how amazing they are and look forward to the next time we can use it.


Are you a wrap sling mum?? What do you love about them??



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