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This week I’ve been trying out this lovely body butter from Butterwhips. I have to admit I’ve not seen much of these about or even read many reviews so I was quite excited to give this a go as it was not only a new discovery for me but the body butter looked like something I’d never tried.


Who is Butterwhips??

Butterwhips is a small independent British family run business founded by Victoria, who since 2011 had been looking for alternatives to the usual creams and lotions either store bought or provided on prescription for her family as they suffer with dry sensitive skin, eczema and dermatitis. Those ointments tended to be very greasy and didn’t smell great!

She wanted to create a relief to her family’s skin ailments that could be made from 100% natural ingredients and smelt good too, starting with a course in aromatherapy to better understand the effects of certain essential oils on the skin and the senses.


They needed to make sure they chose a base that was gently moisturising as well as smelling fab and with the help of a laboratory near the heart of England, they adjusted their first product, developed for their own use at home, to a formulation that met her family’s needs AND the most stringent regulatory requirements, continuing to meet her core principles:
100% Natural
Kind To Skin
Cruelty Free
No fillers
They take great care to make sure Butterwhips are made with only 100% natural plant extracts, no water, fillers or synthetic additives, any long names you see on their labels are either the Latin names of the plants or compounds that occur naturally in their extracts.
Butterwhips include love as their final ingredient on their labels because their range is created for their family, from natural and renewable sources without animal testing, and what could be more loving than that?
Diligently handcrafted from the freshest ingredients, Butterwhips is made in small batches, although it may occasionally take a few days to get your hands on our latest whip, they know it’s worth the wait.

First Impressions:

I LOVE the design and the logo so cute, the fact that the ingredients are all natural and really fresh is a massive bonus for me. The first thing I noticed when i took the lid off the little tub was the smell, Lavender is quickly becoming a favourite scent of mine and the butter itself is unreal. The texture is really nice and I’ve never felt a body butter like it at all. This is also suitable for pretty much all skin types but I think us oily guys and gals will really benefit from it.


They Currently have 3 ranges of Body Butters;

There’s the original body butter range that comes in 6 different scents; Delightfully Delicate, Naturally Rejuvenating, Traditionally Floral, Exotically Tranquil & Warmly Relaxing. They also have a baby range that is suitable from 1 month and are ideal for baby massage, they come in 2 different scents; Scrummy Yummy & Dreamy Weamy. There’s also the Perfectly Pure range which also has 2 products; Almond & Grape. Lastly they have a brand new product in the form of a Planted Feet Balm.


I’ve been trying out the Warmly Relaxing Body Butter. The original body butter come in 2 sizes; 30g for £9 and 50g for £15, which is really great value.


The Ingredients:

Organic Shea Butter

Sweet Almond Oil

Arrowroot Powder

Bergamot Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil


The warm and luxurious scent of Bergamot and Lavender help to relax the body and calm the mind. Bergamot is said to be one of the best stress busting oils with relaxing properties, while the scent of Lavender is often used to promote emotional calm.


The Review:

I really liked using this product this week, you don’t need a lot of product either so I got a good 3-4 days out of this little 10g tub. It worked wonders on my dry arms and legs from all the sun we’ve been having. It was really easy to apply and absorbed into my skin quite quickly without leaving any sort of greasy residue. It’s a thick consistency and definitely feels like it’s been whipped and gives that lovely crunching sort of sound you get when you touch whipped cream. As you rub it into your skin it starts to melt into a gorgeous oil like product that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I can’t believe how amazing my skin felt using this each night. I’d definitely love to try a couple more products from the ranges especially the ones for baby as I think they would be great for our bedtime baby massage routine. I think I’m going to buy the smaller sizes first to see which ones I like the best then I’ll go for the bigger sizes. They’re really great value for money. What more could you want from a natural product?? It’s Full of nothing but good stuff, they’re cruelty free, vegan friendly and palm oil free! These are all a massive yes for me! They’re also Leaping Bunny certified! I’m genuinely in LOVE with this little body butter and the brand. I’m just gutted I’ve used it all up now though.


Have you tried this brand before?? What do you like about the products??



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