Tuesday’s Tip | How I Shape My Eyebrows

I’ve got a beauty tip for this weeks Tuesday’s Tip. I have to admit, I don’t do this often enough and always end up getting to a point where my eyebrows have overgrown and I need to reshape them!! I have been known to get a little bit tweezer happy and end up with over plucked brows. As you can see I have really light coloured eyebrows and when I do them without doing them my way they end up being a right mess!!


This week I thought I’d share the whole process of how I shape my eyebrows. I’ve tried using the pencil method but it just doesn’t work for me and I can never get them even. I’ve tried waxing them but again can never get them even and end up waxing far too much off. I’ve found a method that works for me and is so much easier to do.

What You Need:

A Good Pair of Tweezers

Dark Eyebrow Powder

Angled Eyebrow Brush

How To Do It:

Firstly I brush my eyebrows then I fill and colour them in using a really dark eyebrow colour so I can see them much better.


I always fill them in, into the shape I’m going for that way it’s much easier to pluck the unwanted hairs so you don’t end up over plucking.


It takes a little bit of time to do each eyebrow but take your time and pluck slowly, I always do mine when I’m fresh out of the shower when the hairs are much easier to pluck out. Or you can hold a hot cloth over them to open the pores.


Finish off by giving your face a really good cleanse to get all the dark eyebrow powder off.


As you can see once you’re done you have some lovely shaped eyebrows, I also try to follow my natural shape as much as possible too. It’s much easier to maintain too, I try and tweeze any stray hairs every other day just to keep them looking tip top.

What do you think of my method?? How do you shape your eyebrows?? I’d love to know what method you use.



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