To You My Love

We’ve had our fair shares of ups and downs, we’ve loved and we’ve lost and made mistakes along the way, we’ve been together and lived apart but one thing is for sure we keep being pulled back together. It’s been almost 9 years of living on a massive roller coaster, but I don’t think I could share this ride with anyone else but you.


You’re my best friend and we know how to make each other laugh. We always enjoy our time together. You are the biggest dickhead going, but you’re my dickhead, you may piss me off at times and we may argue over the most stupid things but that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?? We have a lot of banter and sometimes I think you love the dog more than me but I can live with that.


You know how to cheer me up and you certainly aren’t the most romantic of people, and that’s ok. I think if you started with the romance I’d wonder what you were up to!! You can act like the biggest child ever and you’re forever making the kids laugh, you can make the daftest of things funny. I hate how you teach them stupid things but laugh because it is quite funny.


You tell the funniest jokes, the daftest nursery rhymes but deep down you have a heart of gold. I love our little blended family and I enjoy watching you with our boys. I still to this day have no idea why you love putting the kids socks on your ears but they absolutely love it!! We’ve made 2 beautiful boys and I’d be more than happy to call you my husband, even though I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon. You’ve kept me waiting this long why not wait a little longer??


I can’t take you anywhere in public half the time because you just act up and start doing stupid things, you can’t stand going shopping and get bored too easily. But you keep me laughing. You may not show your emotions towards me as often as I would like but you’ve helped make a wonderful home for us and the boys. You’ve built things with your own hands and I know it’s been built with love.


I whinge at you and shout at you on a daily basis and even though I know you don’t listen half the time, you still sit through my shitty TV programmes with me. We’ve found a few that we can enjoy together though. We are the polar opposites, yet somehow the same. We spend most of the day laughing until that week you go onto nights……Then I just ignore you until at least Friday, Saturday some weeks depending on how much sleep you’ve had.


The thing is though, no matter what anybody says or how bad our week has been, I’ll always love you. I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend my time with and share a life with. You’re the best daddy to our boys and I can’t wait to share more adventures with you, even if we are the unluckiest family in the world we’re still going and laughing even when we probably should be crying. We make the best of every situation!!


I just want to thank you for putting up with me and my mood swings, and even during my pregnancy with Arlo when I know I was driving you nuts. My family love you and I know my parents are glad that they finally got rid of me and it’s all because of you.


Love You So Much xxxx



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