Sample Sunday | Pinks Boutique Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt & Anti-Ageing Serum


This week I’ve been using these lovely products from Pinks Boutique. I’ve been dying to try these out for ages but finally managed to rescue them from my box of samples, which has slowly started filling back up again. Ooops! I need to start trying more things out.


Who are Pinks Boutique?? They are a Natural and Certified-Organic brand, that started from two very unlikely minds. Luke, a human scientist, and Kirstie, a historian. Their shared love of Asia, where by now they travelled extensively, brought Pinks Boutique to life. By combining their desire for pure organic products with a fascination for the beautiful flowers, unique aromas and exotic ingredients of Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and Japan, they were able to create and blend at home the most inspiring complete professional and only organic spa range on the market at the time.

I’m going to start off with the Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt. A calming and hydrating luxurious daily cleansing balm. Calendula, extract of marigold, immediately calms angry, irritated, flaky and dehydrated skins. The ultimate facial cleanser. This cleansing balm is for dehydrated skin, normal skin and super sensitive skin and I would recommend using it morning and night! I’m quite fussy with balm cleansers and if I’m honest I’m not a massive fan but, oh my gosh!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!! It’s so nice and easy to pop onto the skin and smells absolutely amazing. This melts away a days full face of makeup with ease. And a little goes such a long way! I managed to get a good week out of this little guy and it made my skin look and feel so fresh and soft and hydrated. My skin has been going crazy along with my hormones after having the dream baby but this really did a great job. It retails at £40 for a 60g tub, I’d love to purchase the full size of this as it really was a great product. It’s on my wishlist though.

Following with the Anti-Ageing Serum, which is packed full of natural plant extracts and antioxidant rich oils. Scientifically proven, super-charged Rosehip reduces signs of ageing and sun damage. As you know I love my face serums and this one is another fantastic product. I used this both morning and night and it worked really well, even under makeup and even mixed with my daytime moisturiser. It’s really easy to apply and absorbs into the skin quite quickly so your not left with skin still feeling slightly oily. This is another product on my wishlist that I’d love to purchase. It retails at £44 for 30ml and with all facial serums you really only need a couple of drops!!


Overall I LOVED both of these products and would really like to try more from this fantastic luxurious brand. I think both of these products would last you a good 3 months, if not longer.

Have you tried any Pinks Boutique Products?? What are your favourites??

Lots of Love



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