Sample Sunday | Meadow Skincare Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm & Overnight Replenishing Oil

For this weeks Sample Sunday post I’ve been trying out some skincare in the form of Meadow Skincare. I received this duo in a past The Natural Beauty Box, which is my favourite subscription box!! The lovely Emma always makes sure there’s a really good variety of products in each and every box and this little duo was one of them. I’d never heard of Meadow Skincare and love discovering new brands and products. I’m a sucker for a cleanser and facial oil because I’ve yet to find “The One”.

Who are Meadow Skincare?? 

Meadow skincare was the dream of two friends Kelly and Wendy, who met at the school gate seven years ago. They developed the brand over many play dates and their dream slowly became a reality and a serious business. Both ladies have a professional background in therapy (Kelly’s is psychotherapy and Wendy’s is massage therapy), so they both understand the importance of taking care of yourself. They handcraft organic, water-less skincare and blend them in micro batches for active freshness using only vegan, nut-free, 100% plant-derived ingredients.


Meadow Skincare is a small independent company that formulate and blend their products themselves with the aim to have their skincare in the hands of their customers within 7 days of blending to ensure each product is the ultimate in freshness and potency. They are also an environmentally responsible company with sustainability at it’s heart. They use recyclable jars and minimise the use of plastic and unnecessary packaging to keep parcel sizes and their environmental footprint small.


Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm

A thorough, ultra-nourishing, deep cleanse for the skin, the oil and butter formulation is rich in fruit enzymes and natural AHA which work together to natural deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin, retain moisture and improve skin tone. Gently massage into the  face and over the eyes for two to three minutes to really lift make-up, SPF and grime. Inhale the scent of lavender and grapefruit as part of an indulgent daily ritual.


Wow, I really liked using this cleanser and even though it was only a sample sized tin I have to say it lasted a good couple of weeks and that was me using it every morning and every night. The smell was amazing and the texture was just so silky and felt luxurious. I’m really starting to find some really nice cleansing balms now and this is one of them. It was really easy to use and massaged really well into my skin and I felt it gave me a good clean. My skin felt really soft, smooth and looked brighter afterwards and it really melted away my makeup to give you a fresh, clean feel. I’d love to give the full size tub a go, to see what a difference it can really make.


Overnight Replenishing Oil

A natural youth elixir blend of 13 seed oils, Replenishing Overnight Oil gets to work while you rest.  Awaken with skin hydrated, toned and smoothed. The carefully blended concentrated antioxidant formula promotes a natural, rosy glow and helps to prevent free radical damage to fight signs of ageing  The jasmine and lavender blend also help aid a restful nights sleep.


I’ve tried so many facial oils and still have a few more to try but my goodness, this not only smelt amazing but I actually looked forward to putting this on every night. My skin felt so amazing when I woke up each morning and with all this crazy weather my skin has been all over the place, it absorbs really easily into my skin and didn’t leave it feeling greasy like some facial oils. It absorbed quite quickly too so I didn’t feel like most of the product was going to end up on my pillow. A little goes along way and I used only a couple of drops. My skin felt hydrated and looked so much brighter and smooth every morning. It’s amazing what a facial oil and some sleep can do to the skin. I really like this overnight oil and would definitely buy the full size bottle of it.


Have you tried any of these products?? What did you think??



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