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Since I’ve already done the “what’s in my hospital bags” post, if you missed it you can read it here, I thought I’s hare with you today a “what’s in my changing bag” post. Now this changing bag was only a cheap one I ordered from Amazon and cost around £15 and as great as it is I now need one slightly bigger to be able to fit a few more bits in. It fits on the buggy and not only does it have a shoulder strap but it has two Velcro straps so you can just attach it to your buggy without the shoulder straps. It also has two mesh side pockets for your bottles. Since I’m breastfeeding I tend to use them for either a couple of my everyday essential products or to carry my water bottle in.

So……What’s in my bag??

Baby’s Essentials

Changing Mat – I make sure I have my lovely Bambino Mio changing mat with us because not only does it fold up and fit nicely into my bag, you also need somewhere clean and comfy for changing baby, you can’t always guarantee there’s going to be soft changing stations about when you’re out.

Cloth Nappies – I absolutely love my Bambino Mio cloth nappies and always take a couple of spare ones. I do however, need to get a wet bag for storing my dirty ones in so at the moment I’m using cloth and disposable.

Disposable Nappies – I make sure I’ve got a couple of my Kit & Kin disposable nappies with me for when I’m out and about in case I don’t have anymore clean cloth nappies or it’s nappy laundry day. You never know what can happen while you’re out and about.

Nappy Bags – I really like these nappy bags, they’re biodegradable and I currently use them not just for my disposable nappies but for putting my dirty cloth nappies in as well as any wet or dirty outfits.

Baby Wipes – I use my Cheeky Wipes and I love them, I really like that they come in these handy little bags. I do buy Aqua Wipes and have those just in case I have no clean ones or I’ve used what I take out in my bag too but I’ve currently ran out and need to order more.

Mummy & Baby Everyday Essentials

Botty Cream – I love this soothing salve from Freyaluna Rituals and have to say if the dream baby starts to get a bit of a red bum this really clears it up so quickly, we’ve yet to have a serious bout of nappy rash.

Lip Balm – I’ve got about 2-3 lip balms in my changing bag because I can’t live without them, I NEED my lip products. I’m absolutely loving this lovely Amaranthine one at the moment though, I’ll have a full review up on my blog soon.

Deodorant – I always make sure I’ve got deodorant in my bag too because you want to be smelling fresh and clean while you’re out.

Nipple Balm – Love this, need to make sure I have this with me at all times as I’m breastfeeding and it’s been such a life saver since having the dream baby.

Hand Cream – Another product I can’t leave the house without.

Cuticle Oil – This is one I make myself, if you missed my DIY you can read it here, but it’s the same as the hand cream. I can’t leave the house with out. nothing worse than getting sore, itchy and dry hands.


As well as these items I also keep spare dummies, muslin cloth, my phone, purse, baby health book, a book for me and spare clothes. I was in the process of sorting it out when I took the photos so didn’t have these items at hand. With the weather warming up I also need to pop in some sunscreen and I need some more hand sanitiser.


What’s in your changing bag?? What type of bag do you use??



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