Just A Little Blog Update

Ch..Ch..Ch..Changes, are a happening on my little blog and I just thought I’d give you a little update. What changes am I planning to make?? I love my name and what it represents and I feel like it’s a really great name for my blog and me as a brand, so that will all stay the same. It’s mainly my content, what I write about in blog posts and hopefully make them more interesting as I started to notice I was falling into a bit of a repetitive slum with my posts and I just feel like a blog overhaul is needed.


I’ll still do lots of product reviews, with the added extra of books, tv shows, movies, music, hotels that sort of thing. I’ll still have my Sample Sunday’s and Tuesday’s Tip posts. There will be more baby and family posts, some of which will add a bit of humour and my real life because life with 4 boys and the dog isn’t perfect!


I definitely want to write more ethical, eco-friendly and zero waste posts as it’s something I’m becoming much more passionate about and I want to share my journey with you. I’d like to also try and share my health and fitness journey as I try and get back on track after having my gorgeous baby.


As you can see I’m really hoping to add a lot more variety and quality posts to my little blog. I’ll definitely be posting on a regular basis. My posts will go live at 9am and I will post every other day, but the days will be on a 2 week cycle. My schedule from this week will be as follows; Week One – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday Week Two – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.


I really hope that you enjoy the changes and please do feel free to leave me any comments or requests. Thank you so much for sticking around while I’ve been away trying to figure things out.


Lots of Love



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