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Lately I’ve found myself looking at diet and fitness blogs and Instagram profiles just because it’s something I’ve always struggled with and more so now after the birth of Arlo. For me it’s not about losing weight because that’s the last thing on my mind, it’s about reaching for the right foods and making proper meals because I have literally just been snacking on pure rubbish and eating take outs and I feel awful, especially because I’m breastfeeding and I should be more conscious of what I’m putting in my body. So after a bit of thinking I decided to join my local Slimming World Group. Because I’m breastfeeding I also get to have extra Healthy Extras each day, so I can have a total of 5, as well as my 15 syns.



I’ve tried many diets in the past but for me this isn’t about losing weight. I need to get myself back into that frame of mind and stop reaching for the quick and convenient and start putting more thoughts and effort into having a healthier lifestyle over all. I’ve done SW before a couple of years ago and managed to lose some weight and my whole outlook on food changed and I managed to stick to the plan but then I got pregnant with Arlo and I kind of spent most of my pregnancy just eating what I wanted. Since I was last there some things have changed and I needed a bit of a refresher on the plan. I’m hoping this is the kick up the arse that I very much need, I’m really excited to be doing SW again and getting myself back in a good place with my eating habits and of course just feeling healthier all round.


Wednesday is my official weigh day and I’ve been following the plan now for 2 weeks. Last week I lost 2.5lb!! I’ve not weighed in for today yet I’ll be doing that later on this morning but I’ve not had a good week at all so dreading to see what happens! I was so good last week and then this week I just fell off the wagon and went back to eating complete crap!! I think I need to get myself some sort of planner and stick to writing everything down, I think that’s where I fell this week. This week I think I need to plan ahead and do a bit of batch cooking so if I don’t have to time cook I’ve got something ready to just pop into the microwave.


I’m not sure if I should document my journey for you all on a weekly basis or do a quick round up monthly post, which would you prefer to read?? Are you doing the plan or have done in the past?? How did you find it?? I’d love to know your tips and tricks. I’ll also be posting some extra food posts on Instagram so if you’re not following me you can here. I will also be sharing my favourite recipes with you too. If you’d like to join or you’re thinking about signing up to Slimming World you can find all the information and groups in your area here.



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