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Ever since I got pregnant with the dream baby I knew I wanted to try and be a bit more conscious and looked into cloth nappies. They appealed to me not only for the cute designs you could get but to keep costs down and of course so, I wasn’t throwing away hundreds of disposable nappies. I spoke to a few fellow blog mum’s about how they found cloth nappies, what they liked about them, which brands to try and weighed up the pro’s and con’s and made the choice that they were something I really wanted to use as they last years.

Then I found this amazing real nappies scheme that my local council do to encourage more people to use cloth nappies……When I say I found, I mean a friend of mine sent me the details as she’s amazing at finding such things! And I have to say it really is a fantastic scheme. It’s the Fill Your Pants real nappy scheme and you can find out which councils and boroughs are taking part in this here. Since it’s Real Nappy Week I wanted to share with you this amazing scheme.

What is the scheme all about?? Well, the local councils are rewarding those households that use cloth nappies with cashback or vouchers to redeem on more nappy supplies or nappy laundry.   I live in the Flintshire area so was able to apply for a £75 which is sent in the form of 3 £25 vouchers. The vouchers all have valid from and expiry dates on them so can only be used between those dates that are written on them. It works out Voucher One can be used when baby is 0-3 months, Voucher Two can be used when baby is 4-9 months and Voucher Three can be used when baby is 10-18 months. It’s as easy as that, I will be using mine to stock up on my nappy supplies. There’s a whole range of brands that you can use your vouchers on too.


Why are they doing this?? Well, it’s to encourage households to be more Eco-Friendly and use reusable nappies instead of disposable ones. When you think that one disposable nappy can take up to 500 YEARS to biodegrade, a baby can go through up to 10 A DAY. That means there’s 8 MILLION nappies thrown away every day just in the UK! That’s almost 3 BILLION disposable nappies A YEAR!! A baby can produce 1 TONNE of disposable nappies in their nappy career and councils spend millions to dispose of those “disposable” nappies.

What did I have to do?? I went onto the Flintshire County Council website, clicked on the application form, printed it off and filled it out then sent it off along with my Council Tax Bill and the dream baby’s birth certificate. It only took about a week and i was sent back all my documents along with a letter of thanks, my 3 vouchers and a list of suppliers that accept the vouchers. It tells you how you can redeem your vouchers on the Fill Your Pants website. It couldn’t be easier and why shouldn’t we be rewarded for doing our bit?? I really hope that more councils get on board and join in with this scheme. It really is fantastic.

If you live in the Flintshire area you can find the application form to fill out here.

What do you think of this scheme?? Will you be trying cloth nappies?? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Lots of Love



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