Baby Babble | My Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves

I know I’m not pregnant but I really wanted to share with all my lovely pregnant readers, my top 5 pregnancy must haves. The products I’ve chosen are products that I just couldn’t live without during my pregnancy. They were a godsend and if I ever got pregnant again (I won’t, I’m done) these are the products I’d reach for as they did me from start to finish and definitely aren’t trimester specific.


1. Pregnancy V Shaped Pillow

Oh my gosh, this was such a lifesaver and helped so much. You can get these from pretty much anywhere and I bought mine for £12 from Dunelm, the covers were a couple quid from Ebay. I still use this even now. It will seriously help, when you’re having trouble sleeping or even just sitting on the sofa it will ease your back pains. I use mine when I’m breastfeeding in bed at night and sometimes to lie the dream baby on it while I feed on the sofa in the day. Because it’s V shaped it’s perfect for lying on your side and making your bump a little bit more comfortable especially when you get closer to the end. This is the one thing I’m glad I bought, because I was so big it helped all through my pregnancy.

2. Body Oil for Stretch Marks

I used products like this one from day one, as your bump grows and stretches your skin gets so itchy and i found applying something like this twice a day really helped and it helps reduce stretch marks. It doesn’t have to be startch mark specific, it could even be a simple body cream (avoid anything with rosemary in though, as it’s known to bring on contractions). But once you get into the habit of it, you will find it helps so much. I prefer much more natural products like this one from Unearthd Company. They really aren’t as expensive as people think and are much better for your skin. I still use my body oils for my stretch marks even now.

3. Maternity/Nursing Bras

You can’t skimp on this must have at all. You need to find yourself some really good fitting and comfy maternity bras, I bought mine from Debenhams for £26 as a pack of 2. I even got bra fitted which helped find the right size. Pregnant ladies, please don’t try and fit yourself. I highly recommend going and getting fitted by an expert because your boobies just get HUGE and you need all the comfort you can get. You can even get bras that will stretch as your bump grows. I lived in my comfy wireless bras while I was pregnant.

4. Products To Help With Sleep

If you become sleep deprived like I did then I suggest you get yourself a few things to help you sleep. A good eye mask like the Spacemask or Sleep Mask, both of these are amazing and helped so much, even with those cheeky little afternoon naps. Pukka Night Time tea, it’s made from all natural ingredients and completely caffeine free. I would have 1 or 2 before bed to help me relax. I found them very calming and they taste really nice. Lastly, a pillow spritz, pulse point roller or sleep balm are all really great products too. I used all of these to help me sleep as I just couldn’t sleep at all and as soon as I started with them I began to unwind as I got to a point I was getting anxious about bedtime for fear of not sleeping. I really like the pulse point roller and pillow spritz as the scents just get you ready for sleep and I liked listening to the sound of rain on my phone too.

5. Stretchy Dresses

I lived in these stretchy little guys. I bought a few of them really cheap in Primark for £5-£6 and whether it’s summer or winter these guys are great! They stretch with your bump as you grow and you don’t have to fork out for expensive maternity clothes. I only bought a couple of long sleeved tops from Asda and wore these. I bought a large so I had loads of growing room. I loved mine, they were comfy. Could be dressed up or down and are fab whether your pregnant in the summer or the winter.


That’s my Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves, what are yours?? Did you have any of these??



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