Sample Sunday | Conscious Skincare Sweet Orange & Frangipani Body Oil

It’s Sample Sunday time again!! This week I’ve been using a body oil from Conscious Skincare. It’s their Sweet Orange and Frangipani body oil and I really love this!

Not only did I receive this in my May, So Pure & Simple Edit of The Natural Beauty Box, but I also received it in my The Pip Box Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar.  This is really fresh smelling.


If you’ve never heard of Conscious Skincare they are a British brand that makes all their products here, in Britain. They are accredited from the Vegetarian Society, PETA and Cruelty Free International.

Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Oil gently moisturises and soothes. The key ingredient is Organic Sunflower Oil. It is great for skin nourishment and conditioning. It is a light oil that absorbs into the skin well.

 Sunflower oil is also rich in Vitamin E. This has antioxidant properties, helping to regenerate skin cells and protect against age and sun related damage from free radicals. Wonderful for a massage to soothe away any aches and pains, this fantastic oil restores the moisture balance to your skin!

Sweet Orange essential oil has a fresh and fruity fragrance. It can help brighten dull skin and nourish dry and irritated skin. Orange essential oil also has anti-ageing properties and promotes the production of collagen. With antioxidant benefits, it can help slow the amount of skin damage caused by UV light and pollution.

Frangipani essential oil has a rich, floral and exotic fragrance that is an absolute delight to smell. The sensual and beautiful scent of Frangipani essential oil calms and refreshes the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety. It is easily absorbed and assists in optimising skin moisture levels. It is also anti-ageing and replenishes both skin and hair.

Fragonia essential oil has relaxing citrus and floral notes, helping reduce tension with calming and balancing properties.

Sandalwood essential oil has also been added as it has a very soothing and harmonising scent.

I can’t get enough of this, I used it to care for my growing bump while I was pregnant and using it every morning and night which really helped with the itchy, stretching skin. Now I’m using it on my postpartum belly to help reduce my stretch marks. I find the scent so relaxing, and I find I don’t have too many stretch marks.


A full size 250ml bottle of this cost £13 which is really reasonable and for such a good price the quality of the product is fantastic. I will definitely be buying myself the full size version of this to keep me going.


Have you tried this?? What is your favourite Conscious Skincare product??


Lots of Love



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