Tuesday’s Tip | DIY Vegan Lip Scrub


Today’s tip is a little DIY lip scrub. I do love my lip products and I do tend to buy the odd lip scrub, but I know some of us are on a budget so I want to share this lovely little DIY lip scrub that is also vegan!!

Why should we use a lip scrub and exfoliate our lips?? Well, like our skin, we need to get rid of all those dead skin cells so exfoliating is a great way to do that. This is really great for people who suffer dry and chapped lips like myself, or for those that constantly apply lip balm during the winter. 

What Do You Need:

Brown or White Sugar

Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (Almond and Argan Oil will also work just as well)

I used brown sugar and some olive oil for this scrub. Just add the sugar into a little pot and then add your oil of choice and give it a good mix.

Your scrub is good to go, you can now give your lips an exfoliate once a week but no more than twice a week otherwise you could damage them.

Add some to your finger or even an old toothbrush, rub it onto your lips in circular motions for about 30 seconds then rinse off you lips. You can apply your favourite lip balm or even add a dab of oil to keep them moisturised and soft.

You can have soft kissable, pouty lips during the colder months using this lush scrub.

What do you think?? Have you tried making a lip scrub at home??

Lots of Love



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