Pregnancy | What’s Inside My Hospital Bags??

Even though there are thousands of posts about what to pack in your hospital bags I thought I’d share with you what’s inside mine. I don’t really remember packing much last time and got away with just 1 bag but we ended up in hospital for a week so the OH ended up bringing in more stuff for me and baby. This time I’ve packed a bag with toiletries for me and baby in one bag and clothes for us both in another. When I went to my 36 week appointment with the midwife she asked if I had packed my bags and to be honest I didn’t, I’ve finally gotten myself organised and had them packed for about a week now. I really don’t seem to be in such a rush this time but I’m glad I’m finally organised.

Toiletries For Mum

Georganics Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Friendly Soap Hair & Body Bar

Pinks Boutique Anti-Ageing Serum & Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt

Salt Of The Earth Deodorant

Human & Kind Body Souffle

Weleda Nipple Balm

Tropic Eye Refresh Roll on

Lucky Cloud Chocolate Lip Butter

Bespoke Aroma Refreshing Facial Mist

Bamboo Face Cloth

Madara Total Renew Night Cream

Hand Sanitiser

Natracare Maternity Pads

Breast Pads

Toiletries For Baby

Kit & Kin Size One Nappies

2x Travel Size Packs Aqua Wipes

Bambino Mio Wild Cat Changing Mat

Naty By Nature Babycare Eco Disposable Nappy Bags

Ezàpè Naturals Chamomile Balm


Clothes For Mum

1x Pair Slippers

1x Pair Flip Flops (For in the shower)

2x Nightshirts

2x Nursing Bras

1x  Nightshirt For Labour & Birth

1x Leggings & Top & Comfy Shoes To Wear Home

1x Big Thick Cardigan (My Dressing Gown is too bulky)

4x Knickers

2x Comfy Socks

Clothes For Baby

Matching Bib, Hat & Scratch Mitts

3x Vests

3x Babygrows

2x Muslin Cloths

1x Blanket

1x Outfit To Go Home In


Extras To Pop Into Another Bag

Deodorant, Toothbrush and Spare Tee for the OH as we don’t know how long we’ll be in hospital for.

Phone Charger

Maternity Notes

Pen & Pad

Book To Read

Healthy Snacks & Drinks (For both of us)


I didn’t realise that I’ve got more things for the hospital than the baby, but do they really need so much stuff?? Since we don’t know how long we’ll be there for I suppose it’s better to take more than not enough. I think we’re just about ready now to be honest.


It’s just a waiting game now and I think this is the worst part for me because I know everyone wants to take time off work but they don’t want to take it off until I’ve had the baby. I’m just hoping he decides to make his appearance soon.


What did you pack in your hospital bags??




  1. 08/02/2019 / 8:05 am

    I love this post, I’ve just recently done one on what I found I actually needed in my hospital bag as I packed WAY to much but of course I didn’t know that at the time! It’s hard to know how much of what you need though isn’t it? Never really know how things are going to turn out but it’s definitely better to be over prepared! I love that teddy by the way it is adorable!
    Sophie xx

    • Rachel
      08/02/2019 / 6:46 pm

      Thank you Sophie!! Definitely, we learnt a few lessons with my first as we thought it’d be fairly straight forward, in and out but we ended up being in there for days before we had the munchkin and my mum and OH had no change of clothes nothing with them so making sure we’re prepared for anything this time round. The teddy is a MyHummy white & pink noise bear, it plays sounds of the womb and mothers heartbeat to help soothe little one at night xx

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