Why Go Cruelty-Free??


I get a asked this question quite a lot, why did I choose to go cruelty free?? I’m going to share with you all the reasons why I went cruelty-free almost 2 years ago.

I’ve actually been using cruelty-free products on and off over the years and not actually realised but in 2017 I looked into switching my products to more natural ones as my skin and body started to react to my normal (chemical) filled products and with that came a lot of research.

I had this moment of clarity where I realised that I’m actually more passionate about this than I first thought. So, my journey began and I’ve found some really fantastic brands that produce really fantastic quality products. For me, this just proves that companies really don’t need to test on animals to produce really great products.

I’m still unsure how I feel on non cruelty-free parent companies. On the one hand it shows great support and it shows the parent companies that us consumers want to spend more money on cruelty-free products but on the other hand are they just using that as a way to get us to put money back into the products that are tested on animals?? For me, until I’m sure I just avoid them. I still have a lot of research to do into this subject, but this is just my opinion for now. I’m learning new things each and every day.


Did you know in China, for example, that it is mandatory for the products to be tested on animals before they can be sold?? This means that the companies that are cruelty-free in other countries, like the UK, but sell their products in countries that demand animal testing (that’s you NARS) are not actually cruelty-free. They have decided that making a profit even at the expense of animals is better than being ethical. However, brands like Covergirl and Stila have now withdrawn from selling products in China and are now cruelty-free! Hooray!


Here’s a little list of brands that do test on animals; as I said above Covergirl no longer test on animals.

I found this over on Cruelty Free Kitty, If you want to know anything she has some amazing articles that are fantastic to read and will open your eyes. It’s a wealth of knowledge and one of my favourites.


This is the main reason why I’ve really started to enjoy buying from smaller, British brands. I find I’m much more passionate about their products and I love that a lot of them are handmade and not mass produced.


I would definitely say to anyone out there that wants to go cruelty free to do some research and see if this is something that really speaks with you. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn. I didn’t want this post to be all about how the animals suffer and what happens to them because it’s just so distressing and I can’t think about it.

What made you decide to go cruelty-free?? I’d love to read your comments.

Lots of Love




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