Weleda | 12 Days of Christmas Calendar – Door Nine

Let’s start the New Year off with what’s hiding behind Door 9 of my fabulous Weleda 12 Days of Christmas Calendar.

I managed to have a little bit of a chilled evening last night, I even managed to read a bit of the book I’ve started.

Onto what I received behind Door 9 of this lush calendar.

Behind Door 9 is another shower gel from the Arnica range. I’ve not seen this before but I think the OH would benefit from giving this a go.

I think it’ll be good for him when he’s had a long hard day at work as it looks the sort of thing that would ease achy muscles, I’ll definitely get him to try this and get his verdict on it.


Can’t wait to see what’s hiding behind door 10 tomorrow.


Have you tried this range?? What did you think??


Lots of Love



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