Weleda | 12 Days of Christmas Calendar – Door Eleven


I’m opening Door 11 this morning and I’m gutted that we only have tomorrow left. I’ve really loved this little Calendar and I’m so glad that there’s been so many products I’ve not tried before and from the different ranges too.

Let’s have a look at what we received behind today’s door. What do you think it is??

We have another product from the Pomegranate range. This time it’s a Body Oil.

You know how much I’ve been loving the body oils. These will definitely be getting used up on the bump and of course after the baby is here to prevent any stretch marks I may get.

Looking forward to giving this a go and maybe trying it out on the munchkin after his baths too because I know how much he loves a little massage afterwards. It may help to relax him ready for his bedtime as he’s never been the best of sleepers so trying to get him to sleep has always been a nightmare but I’m finally finding a few things that help.


Only 1 more door to open tomorrow and I’m curious to see what the last product will be.

Did you get the Weleda Calendar?? What’s been your favourite product so far??


Lots of Love



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