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This week’s Tuesday’s Tip is something I’ve really struggled with but have finally found a few things that are starting to work for me and I wanted to share them with you today. I always struggle to drink enough water throughout the day even during this pregnancy I haven’t been able to drink enough until now that is.

I found this fab app that really helps you to drink more water, it’s called Plant Nanny. I came across it by chance when I was looking for an app to remind me to drink more water. Plant Nanny is an adorable app that is designed to remind people to drink more water. The goal is to grow a variety of cute plants from a seed to Level 4. After a plant hits Level 4, it goes into your permanent garden and grows more seeds for you. Every time you drink water you are supposed to go into the app and give the plant you are currently growing a virtual drink.

In order to figure out how much water you need to stay hydrated, the app starts by asking your gender and weight. If your weight changes, you can go into the app and update it. The plants will start looking sickly if you don’t drink enough water in a certain amount of time. They look absolutely miserable!  This is probably to encourage dehydrated people to drink more water, if not for themselves, than to help their virtual plant feel better. It is possible for your plant to die. You get plenty of warning before it happens. If a plant dies, you have to start over with a new one, which can be purchased with seeds. I really like this app and so does my 6 yr old son. It seems to also encourage him to drink more water too. You can choose the size of the cup you want to use too, I’m currently using a 250ml sized cup as it’s easier to work out especially as I’m either drinking from a 250ml sized cup or 500ml sized bottle. The fab thing is it’s also a free app so you’ve got no excuses not to give it a go.

*Image from Nativ Bottle Website

Another fantastic product you can use to help with your water intake are these really cute Nativ bottles. I’m currently waiting for my new one to arrive as the munchkin dropped my old one and it split. They are BPA free and made from plastic but do last such a long time and are hard wearing. They have fab little sayings on the front then this little time line on the back. I found this really easy to use and didn’t even think about how much water I was drinking and could easily go through 3-4 of these a day. I feel absolutely lost without it, teamed up with your plant nanny app they make a great way to make sure you’re drinking enough water. These bottles are 900ml so by the time you’ve drank twice from it you’ve already done 6 glasses of water which is 1800ml. If you don’t like plain water why not add some fruit to it for a bit more excitement?? If you use one of these bottles you’re actually saving 88 single use plastic bottles a year, which is a great. They retail at £15.99 and is a great starting product.

*Image from Chilly’s Website

The last product I found and have also ordered is this gorgeous Chilly’s bottle. They have lots of fantastic designs on their website and this is so much more eco-friendly. It’s more on the pricier side as bottles go and you can get one from £20-£30 depending on the size and the design, but this will keep your water cold for up to 12 hours. It’s like a flask and is made from stainless steel so will last you years if properly cared for. Chilly’s also do Coffee Cups, Food Pots and Accessories for your chosen product. I’ve read so many good things from this brand and really looking forward to my bottle arriving so that try it out for myself.


Do you have any tips for drinking more water?? Have you tried any of these?? Do you have any favourite water recipes you like to drink??


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