Pregnancy | Second Pregnancy Struggles

I have to say that pregnancy isn’t always about that glow, and looking amazing. In fact I have to say that this time around I’ve found pregnancy to be the complete opposite to my first. I’ve felt a little more relaxed as I’ve kind of known what to expect, I did find out really early on this time and so it seems like a much longer pregnancy. I’ve had a few of the same symptoms as I did with Mason, chronic heartburn and constipation, going off my tea and coffee. However I have suffered with morning sickness this time around. I have found that I’ve had lots of different things during this pregnancy and thought I’d share my struggles with you today.

Bra Struggle

OMG!! I haven’t been able to find any decent maternity bras at all this time around. With Mason I managed to bag a few really nice and pretty ones, not this time. I’ve managed to buy a couple of bras but they don’t do anything for me figure wise and make my boobs look worse. I found I had to come out of my usual wired ones really early this time and ended up buying some crop tops at first, I plan on breast feeding so went to be fitted for some nursing bras and they just look awful. I’m hoping to go for another fitting and hope that I can get more flattering ones that fit my ever growing boobies.


Body Struggle

I’ve talked about the boobs but what about the rest of my body, I have definitely been struggling this time around. Even though I’ve been here before I feel like my body looks completely different from the first time and I’m not as confident and definitely much more self conscious. I’ve developed a few stretch marks where my bump has become much bigger, I’ve got cellulite on my thighs, my skin isn’t behaving at all and I just feel blah most of the time. I’ve started to wear more makeup on a daily basis to see if that helps but I just can’t get used to this body at all. I think from about 20 weeks I’ve had so many people ask me about my due date and when I tell them even now they gasp and look horrified as I look ready to pop. I’m not sure if it’s from the C-Section with Mason or if it’s because I’m a lot older this time around but I just haven’t had that “glow” at all.


Health Struggle

I’m not saying I’ve had major health issues this time around but I’ve definitely had a few little extras thrown in this time around. I had the perfect pregnancy with Mason. This time I’ve had really low iron levels and had to go on iron tablets, I’ve developed Carpal Tunnel in my right arm which is, at best a pain in the arse because it’s just a constant pins and needles. We’ve been for growth scans because this boy is growing slightly on the large side (Can’t wait to see if he is when he’s born), I had morning sickness up until I was 22 weeks. Even though I’m classed as relatively healthy I’ve had so much going on and I most certainly don’t feel healthy this time around.

Family & Home Life Struggle

I have to be honest my family are fantastic and I love my boys to bits, even if they have driven me crazy especially as I’m about to introduce yet another boy into this crazy household. But, I have been struggling with them. It was so much different being pregnant with my first because you don’t have anyone else really to look after so I was able to spend more time relaxing and being able to do what I wanted. This time around I have the boys, school runs and housework to try and fit in too.

My step-son came to live with us on a permanent basis last May, within a week or 2 of him being here we found out I was pregnant so trying to keep it secret was hard, but it’s been really tough for him to adjust to our way of living with boundaries and rules but we’re getting there slowly.

We have Mason, who has been fantastic and is really excited about becoming a big brother and is either all over me and wont leave me alone or gets so angry at me for being tired or not being able to do certain things with him. The OH and I have barely spent any time together, yes, we’ve had days out but we’ve not actually spent time together. I feel like we’ve put everything into getting baby ready that our relationship has been put on the back burner, we’re forgetting that time alone is very precious and we have no idea how often we’ll get that when baby arrives if at all and I really don’t want us to neglect our relationship, because we’ve been here before and I don’t want us drifting apart again. I feel like I’m not doing anything right and neglecting my family as this baby is consuming every thought and everything that we do.

I spend hours cleaning to feel like I’m not getting anywhere. Just trying to balance everything so that when baby arrives I can share myself and time with all my boys as and when they need me. Even the dog isn’t impressed by our walking routines, he likes to go straight after the school run and for a really long walk and I just can’t do it at the moment as it gets really painful, so he spends most of his day in a huff and ignoring me!

I really hope that when this baby arrives we will all find our place in the family be able to muck in together and have fun. Routine, that’s what we need to sort ourselves with a good routine and I do hope we can do this.

Are you pregnant with your second baby?? Have you been struggling with anything??

Lots of Love



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