New Year Goals For 2019!!

Happy New Year!! Wow, a brand New Year that not only brings a fresh new look on my blog, which I really hope you like but it also brings a fresh start and a fresh year. I would usually set myself some resolutions but this year I wanted to try and set myself some Blogging and Social Media Goals to try and achieve in 2019! I want to revisit these goals each month and maybe set myself more if I achieve any.

I plan on doing a sort of Bucket List for myself to achieve in 2019 too, but I’ll do that in a separate post so that it’s not too heavy and with different things all over the place. This is also something I plan on revisiting every month hopefully to cross something off and add something new.


I really can’t wait to be getting more posts out and I’ve got lots of plans for this blog. It’s also my 2 year Bloggiversary in February and I plan on having a HUGE giveaway for that so keep your eyes peeled for all the details in a blog post coming up.

Onto my blogging & social media goals for this year;


I want to be much more interactive on Twitter, have more conversations, join in more chats and of course make sure that I’m tweeting about my latest posts which is something I’m terrible at. I’d love to reach 2k follwers on my Twitter.


I want to be able to spend more time on my Facebook Page, build it up much more and get people visiting. I’d love to reach 500 likes on my page too.


I would also love it if I could hit 500 followers on my blog on Bloglovin’ I’m not sure if people use it anymore but I’ve discovered so many fab blogs on there.


Instagram is next for me, I have to admit this is where I spend a lot of my time but have been finding it difficult lately as have many of you. I’d love to reach 2k followers on there too and I feel like my photos and content have really started to improve quite a lot.


I finally stepped out of my comfort zone too towards the end of 2018 and finally made a YouTube channel and umming and ahhhhing about it for so long. I only have a few videos so far but plan on having much more content on there for you guys to enjoy. I’d really like to reach 500 subscribers on my channel. There’s all kinds of different things on there but there will be mainly vlogs about me and the family and the things we get up to.


I also plan on making sure that I’m blogging every other day and that I have great content for you all to read, I really don’t want to fall behind with my schedule. I definitely wont be putting pressure on myself though to get posts out. I’d rather work on quality over quantity that’s for sure.


Well there you have it, my blogging and social media goals for this year. I wonder how many I can push myself to achieve. Have you set yourself any goals for 2019?? What are you hoping to achieve??


Lots of Love




  1. 01/01/2019 / 9:48 am

    Love the new look! I enjoyed reading your goals, it’s fun to make blogging (and life) goals at the beginning of the year to look back on next year and see how many we’ve achieved and how far we’ve come. I hope 2019 is amazing for you!


    • admin
      01/01/2019 / 10:27 am

      Thank you!! I feel really positive about 2019, I’ve got a post coming up with all my life goals I’d like to achieve this year. I was looking back at last years goal and the big one for me was getting pregnant and now I’m waiting for this boy to arrive this year! It’s so exciting. xx

  2. 01/01/2019 / 9:53 am

    I haven’t set any goals yet but I agree with being more interactive on twitter and increasing followers across all platforms. I probably need to not put pressure on myself as I started my blogs to keep me happy not others so much. Good luck with achieving your goals, they sound great! Xx

    • admin
      01/01/2019 / 10:29 am

      I think it’s much more realistic for me to set goals rather than resolutions as it makes you work harder and push yourself to achieve the things you never thought you could. Putting pressure on myself was a big thing I think and I know all us bloggers do it at some point but this year I’m taking a much more relaxed approach to it all and enjoying every step along the way xx

  3. 01/01/2019 / 2:39 pm

    I love it, Rach! It’s so pretty. We relaunched on the same day! I wish you luck for 2019, I hope you reach all of your goals and more!

    • admin
      01/01/2019 / 3:16 pm

      Thank You so much!! I’m so excited for this year and what it will bring xx

  4. 04/01/2019 / 5:41 am

    Awesome blog! Welcome back. You have some great goals for this year. Good luck!

  5. 04/02/2019 / 11:15 am

    Congrats on the blog! I love the new look! I am really excited to see what 2019 has in store for you! x

    Linda ||

    • Rachel
      07/02/2019 / 11:39 am

      Thank you so much, I feel like this is more me and I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds x

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