My Monthly Musings #001

Since it’s a new year, I wanted to start doing something new on the blog, I know a lot of bloggers do a weekly round up of things they’ve been up to and what not but I’ve decided I wanted to do like a monthly roundup that I will be calling My Monthly Musings. I plan on sharing with you things I’ve written on the blog, photos I’ve posted on Instagram and just about anything else that I’ve been up to over the month. I know it’s not quite the end of the month but I will sort of over lap the end of this month with the beginning of next month.


This month has been spent preparing this house for the arrival of our new baby which could happen pretty much any day now. We’re getting so close to his due date and I’m getting excited, nervous and scared. We’re almost ready and the house is looking lovely. I’ve finally managed to get the munchkin booked in for his swimming lessons, so we’re both really excited about that. The weather has been really cold and wet so we’ve not been able to get up to much. However, it has given snow and I really hope it comes soon and sticks.

This month on my blog I relaunched with a whole new look and name. I opened Doors 8,9,10,11 & 12 of my Weleda 12 Days of Christmas Calendar. I talked about my blog goals for 2019, my 34 week pregnancy update, My Bucket List for 2019, things I’d plan to do differently with baby number 2, My top 5 Lip Balms under £5, my 36 week bumpdate, my second pregnancy struggles and Why I went cruelty free.

I reviewed Bedtime Bliss Cotton & Bamboo Sleep Mask, Vitamasques Ruby Sheet Mask, Manna Kadar Goddess Flutter Mascara, Sugar StripEase Waxing Kit.


I shared 10 green, eco-freindly and health tips to start in 2019 and The Pip Box Limited Edition Cruelty Free Beauty Kit.

This month’s Sample Sunday included Optiat Be Good Pamper Kit, Herbfarmacy Mini Bundle and Bloomtown Botanicals The Clearing Mini Soap.

On Instagram I posted lots of products but lots of cute dog and kiddie photos. I’ve even managed to get a book under way and should have my first book finished this month.


What have you been up to this month?? What are your favourites?? Next month will be equally exciting, do you have any movie or book recommendations for me??

Lots of Love




  1. 27/01/2019 / 6:29 am

    It looks like you’ve had a busy, yet successful January!! I’ve been working really hard on my blog and trying to post more consistently!

    • Rachel
      27/01/2019 / 8:03 pm

      Thank you so much, I have been working hard to try and be much more consistent with my content but making sure that it’s all good content too. I try and plan ahead too which helps quite a lot xx

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