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I’ve got a review for you today and it’s another Little Heart Gifts product. If you missed my review of their Sassy Satsuma Soap, you can read it here.  
I’m reviewing their French Lavender Fizzy Bath Bomb for you today and I have to say it’s lush. I received this in my 4th Dear Bump box. You can catch the contents of that here

As you know the munchkin is a massive fan of all my lovely bath time treats so I rarely get to enjoy them for myself, except this time I did!! 
The Bath Bomb itself smells amazing and even has some real lavender buds in the top of it. I love Lavender, I find it so relaxing especially before bedtime. 
As soon as I popped it into my bath it started fizzing and turning the bath a gorgeous purple colour. The scent filled the bath and you can tell it’s filled with natural ingredients. 
It doesn’t foam like other bath bombs but I prefer the more fizzing type because you know they don’t have any harsh foaming chemicals in them. 
As soon as I got into the bath I felt relaxed straight away, it helped me to ease my tension and of course as it was an evening bath it helped me feel fresh and ready for bed. 
My skin felt amazing afterwards and really smooth which I’m really impressed with. As you know with my pregnancy I’m lacking sleep at night so this actually really helped me. I didn’t get a full nights sleep but I got a few extra hours. So I woke up feeling fresh and more awake the following morning. 
If you haven’t had a look at this company you really should they have some fantastic products and gifts. 
Have you tried any of their products?? Which are your favourites?? 
Lots of Love


  1. 22/11/2018 / 10:31 pm

    I love how your baby is enjoying your bath time, that's so cute! Also, I love this lavender bath bomb, I can imagine how lovely it is and divine it smells! Xx


  2. 26/11/2018 / 10:36 pm

    It was absolute heaven! I will be buying these again for sure xx

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