We’re Having A Baby!! Bumpdate 4-12 Weeks

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen our special news! But if not then here goes……We’re having a baby!!!

Due February 12th 2019, we’ve been waiting to add to our family for 6 years!! To be honest the journey we have taken to get here has been a long one but we’re over the moon!! We’ve been trying for 6 years and for it to finally happen was like a dream come true. I had nearly given up all hope and was beginning to accept that maybe another baby just wasn’t going to happen for us.  


Keeping it a secret was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do especially from my step son and my little munchkin. Of course we told close family and friends but we didn’t want to say anything until we’d been for the scan and told all was fine. 

From the day we found out I was pregnant I’ve made sure to document everything as it was something I never had chance to do with the munchkin and don’t really have anything to look back on while I was having him, and it makes me sad. This time I want it to be special for us all. 

WEEK 4: SURPRISE!!! Wow, this was completely unexpected. I don’t even know what made me take a test, I wasn’t even late on my period. I felt the need to test on the day AF was due and to see that positive result made me the happiest person!! This first week though was still full of nerves and excitement and of course shock. I told my mum, dad and sister and a couple of close friends. It’s been so hard to not tell anyone especially as I’ve wanted to shout it from the rooftops! The only symptoms I’ve had so far are painful boobies and the awful mood swings. 

WEEKS 5 & 6: Morning sickness has started and the exhaustion definitely hit me over these past 2 weeks. I don’t feel so bad in the mornings but it’s actually more the afternoons that the sickness hits me. I’m still working hard and really active in work but the need for a nap is the worst feeling because I know I can’t get one so I’ve been going to be most nights by 8 or 9pm!! We have our first hospital appointment too, which is just our booking appointment and the first bloods to be screened.

WEEKS 7 & 8: Morning sickness has hit first thing in the mornings and is in full flow!! I’ve had the munchkins questioning why I’m feeling so sick so I’ve been putting it down to too much heat from the sun or something I ate, they seem OK with this however, the little munchkin has asked if I’ve got a baby in my tummy and I felt awful telling him no but we had decided to tell them both when we had been to the scan. I was determined that we take my stepson to the scan so he could experience it and see it for himself and know that everything was OK. I want him to feel part of it and taking him to the scan is a fantastic way for us to bond a little bit more. 

WEEKS 9 & 10: I’m still feeling the exhaustion and the sickness but my god, my hormones are all over the place. I’ve convinced myself I’m having a girl or twins!! I’m driving the OH mad with my mood swings and the constant snapping because I’m so irritable and get stressed easy over everything and I know I shouldn’t as it’s not healthy for the baby. I will get better, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. We go for our first scan on 8th August and I’ve already started to show, my mum thinks I’ve gained a lot of weight or it’s water retention. 

WEEKS 11 & 12: I’ve felt so dehydrated over the past couple of weeks and just can’t seem to get enough water. I’ve never drank so much in my life!! I’ve not had any cravings and I’m still a moody cow. The exhaustion is driving me insane but I’m trying to keep pushing my way through it, along with the morning sickness. This is most definitely different to my first pregnancy. We go for our scan soon and I couldn’t be more excited!! I can’t wait to see the baby for the first time. Even the OH has taken a massive interest and is getting excited. I’m looking forward to buying and planning for when baby arrives. My blogging has been all over the place due to my exhaustion, I’ve pretty much disappeared from the Earth the past few weeks to be honest with you. 

Not long now until I can announce that we are having a baby!! I’m so excited to actually share this journey with you all. And I hope you enjoy it too!! 

Lots of Love



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