Review | Geo Mitchell – Relax, Naturally Bath Salts

I’ve been wanting to get this review up for so long now but I’ve finally managed to get myself sorted and get it out to you today. My blogging has been all over the place because I’ve been quite ill and just so tired. I will get back myself back in to a routine with my posts!

The lovely Co-Founder, George from this wonderful brand emailed me and asked if I’d like to try a product. Of course I said yes as I do love my bath products and was sent a lovely sample of their Relax, Naturally Bath Salts*

 The smell really hits you before you even get to open the product. It’s absolutely delicious! I love a product that you can smell before you open it. I used it in the evening and my gosh it was wonderful.

I felt so relaxed and definitely ready for bed afterwards. Inside this lovely product is: A soothing combination of Epsom and dead Sea Salts, with a unique blend of pure essential oils. This Lavender based blend is perfect to use as part of a luxurious bedtime routine, 100% natural and mineral rich.

I absolutely loved it, my skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards too. You can get a full sized jar for £14.50 from Geo Mitchell and it really is so luxurious. They do some gorgeous Essential oil products too. I will buy myself more of this and will try an aroma diffuser. 


To use the bath salts you only need to pop in 1-2 Tablespoons of bath salts into your warm bath and let it dissolve. Then hop into the bath and enjoy. 


I highly recommend this brand and I have to admit even the munchkin loved a bath with these and he was much more relaxed and ready for bed afterwards, usually he refuses to let himself relax. 


Have you tired any Geo Mitchell products?? What did you think?? 


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